Impacts of decisions

This week has had its tough lessons on decisions. We make decisions every day. And if you have a Christian background, you must agree that decision making is a God given privilege. And from the real world, a person who makes a decision is better than a person who remains undecided. But have we ever reflected on how decisions affect things and people around us. 

Perhaps we may want to broadly classify them into two, personal and impersonal. Deciding on a days activity, what to wear, what to talk about, whom to associate with may be personal. But even these personal decisions have a great impact on others. The thought of the impacts of our decisions should compel us to exercise restraint and establish boundaries. Call me a coward but this week has taught me not to rush into making decisions. It has also reminded me to reflect on the impacts before passing judgement. 

Because what purpose will my decisions serve if they destroyed lives of other people. What honour will I have if the solutions provided by a decision I make inflicts pain on another party. Restraint is all that needs to guide us all. We make this world a better place if we thought twice before deciding.


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