Ending September

If you live in my world you will know that this is the most demanding week. Month deliverables and progress reports. Hectic. This is where your shoulders feel all the weight of hardwork. Hard earned cash. I used to fear end months but I now know how important it is to embrace them.

They make us reflect and point our strengths. They reaffirm our commitment to do better everyday. So this week is filled with a lot of objective reflection of what we managed to do and what we must do to change things around.

Have a beautiful week friends.

– Ngari


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  1. John Jr says:

    Hello James Ngari,

    That is a positive outlook that you have, that is good, and that positive outlook is probably helpful for situations like that.

    Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days at work because I am the only shelver on those days and the library is closed on Sundays and closes early on Saturdays, and so I have to deal with the items that were returned during the weekend while we were closed and the new items being returned.

    -John Jr

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