Change starts with me

Most of the time I care to pull others to change, I end up getting disappointed. I have tried to understand why people won’t change when pushed and realised it’s me who needs to change. The perspective of change is diverse and complex but when I see the light and turn around towards it people around may be inclined to ride in the same beam of light. Its easier to influence people to follow your ideas when you practise those ideas.

People may have faith in an idea even before seeing the outcome of the idea but a bigger percentage of people would prefer to see the results fast before making the U-turn.

So how about I practise everything that I believe in and influence others to fall in. I hope I will get a few that will have faith in the ideas even before the outcome


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  1. Sparkyjen says:

    Yes, I like the journey from start to finish. I want to enjoy it while in the throes of it as well. Knowing me as I do, it’s having the personal sense of accomplishment at the end that motivates me the most. In some cases, I’m keen to learn from modeling the example of another, especially on the longer, more difficult journeys. I don’t mind being taught to fish. Passing this knowledge on to someone else on my same path is cool too!

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    1. James Ngari says:

      I can’t agree with you more, thanks for getting time to read through

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  2. John Jr says:

    Hello James Ngari,

    That is a better approach in my opinion, it is usually better to put more of a focus on what you can change, and that usually means starting with yourself because you usually have more control over yourself and not other people.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr


    1. James Ngari says:

      You are right and thanks

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      1. John Jr says:

        You are welcome James Ngari.

        -John Jr


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