Disco ‘Matanga’

I didn’t think the name can be that popular until I heard it on television in a local program. My concern has grown from its popularity to its effect to the socities progress. One is wondering what is disco fused with matanga? I seriously need someone to help me describe this. ‘Matanga’ is the period of mourning the death of a loved one in Swahili.

The period varies between different communities in the African society. But my observation with the Kenyan Coastal communities is that this period is elongated. First there is the preparation period-some days before the burial, then some days after. All that period in my community qualifies to be called ‘matanga’. A week ordinarily. 

We should mourn the dead and pay our respect to them but when these sorrowful ceremonies are fused with late night discos, they can be detrimental. The powerful public address systems used are loud and the sound causes rural dwellers sleepless nights. Should NEMA come in to regulate the noise?

I would understand if the ‘matanga’ is not prolonged or it was done without the disco. Discos are crowd pullers and innocent children and teens find themselves attracted to them. Teens spend their night’s in Disco Matangas from Monday to Monday. We expect them to get basic education and academic excellence but that won’t happen with this disruption. For the few children whose parents are strict and wouldn’t let them out at night are disturbed by the noisy environment. They can’t finish their homework and can’t rest well. What kind of a generation are we bringing up?

Blame it on the child who sneaks from home at night to join other friends to dance, get high and defile himself/herself at a disco matanga but my blame goes straight to the community. The child is a victim here. He didn’t ask for a free noisy late night disco matanga. He can neither sleep in a noisy environment neither can he complete his homework and revise for exams. The disco matangas are everywhere and loud music is streaming from all corners the student has several choices to settle on.

Who finances these disco matangas? Who allows them to be played for weeks in a single event? These are the people to hold accountable. Shut down the music. Eliminate the noise that spoils our future generation. 



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  1. John Jr says:

    Hello James Ngari Charo,

    It definitely sounds like there should be some sound limit that is enforced so that they will not disturb other people.

    -John Jr

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    1. Hi John Jr,

      The interested parties feel they shouldn’t alter the status quo. It’s a culture that has to be changed. Thanks.


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      1. John Jr says:

        That is usually how it is, and enforcing a sound limit could possibly be a start to encouraging that cultural change.

        You are welcome, and thank you for responding.

        -John Jr


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