I left work early and rushed home to pick my sick child to rush her to hospital. The driver of our mat, youthful and calm drove off. It was minutes past 8 o’clock so we were going against the traffic. The mat was barely empty so we made several stops as the tout called for passengers along the way. As is the norm with Kisauni road, vehicles overtake/overlap/double park; causing obstruction in every intersection and driver’s are forced to squeeze between the narrow road to make their way through. So our driver tried that trick and unfortunately overtook a red Vitz and subsequently caused obstruction in the process. That was his worst mistake that he’ll live to regret. The driver of the Vitz hurriedly caught up with us and the person on the front seat besides the driver started to shout at our driver in protest of the act. Our calm driver humbly apologized and drove off.

A couple of minutes later after covering approximately 1km we were stopped by about 4 tall men standing next to a police double cabin under registration number GKB234E. They approached the drivers side and pulled the driver out. The red Vitz then approached from behind and the man who was protesting alighted, his stripped T-shirt slightly raised exposing the pistol that was tacked on his waist.

So they manhandled and dragged the shocked skinny driver who was pleading with them the entire time to the police double cabin. They attempted to force him in the pickup but changed their mind and started beating him. They made him lie on the ground and they pulled out flexible rubber material and started lashing and whipping the poor guy. He cried in lots of pain attracting attention of passers by but the guys made him bite a rock in an attempt to muffle him as they continuously lashed him.

Meanwhile they had one person standing outside the exit point of the mat perhaps to ensure that we don’t get out to protest or take videos of the act.

After a moment that almost lasted a life time they boarded their vehicle and left the injured man lying down. The poor man was not dead but he was seriously hurt. We were left wondering what to do, or whom to report to.

Someone told me that the police are untouchable and their is nothing we could do. I still don’t agree with that idea because I believe the police are meant to enforce law and order. But come to think of it, whom should we report to and do police take action against their own even when there is obvious evidence incriminating them.

I have always had great respect for men and women in uniform. The disciplined forces, the police whatever the beautiful names are given to them and I value their contribution in our society. Sometimes in my life I envisioned joining these institutions to provide these noble services to our people.

But after Thursday 15th February 2018, I look at some characters in police service with contempt. I have heard bad stories about the police, but never in my life had I seen these kind of gross violation of human rights at close range. It’s disgusting and hurting to watch a person whose primary role in the society is to enforce law and order break the same through brutal acts that trash public confidence to the reformed police service.

Probably it’s a familiar story, maybe some of my readers have experienced worse but I haven’t quite accepted that some human whose role is to maintain order and enforce law can manhandle, clobber, inflict excruciating pain and cause body injury to an innocent citizen.

I hope this story then will help me vent the rage and anger I have for the rouge men who clobbered a helpless driver. That’s just one act but what effect does this have on communities that experience police brutality daily. The feeling of wanting these men held accountable or even hurt back lingers in my mind. I covered my 3 year old child from watching but she had seen it all and it’s still disturbing her as well. Ain’t the police radicalizing the people they serve against themselves. How hard was it for them to check in the errant driver at the nearby police station. Why is it necessary for police to assault civilians, cause fear and enermity that is had reconcile……


Sometimes corporates get it wrong

We get lots of exceptional service from corporate organizations but at times they get it wrong on their delivery of services. This may come as a decision made at the strategic level or at the transactional level.

But whatever decision made, is it supposed to be checked out with the people on the transactional and operational level on its effects and impacts.

Does it matter for a corporate organization to care on how the end user is affected? Is there anyone within the strategic level that asks questions on impact of certain decisions.

Corporate organizations also get it wrong. That’s what I have learnt. However, in my country Kenya, governmental organizations and parastatals can’t apologize, only private corporations would care to apologize for wrong decisions made.

Impacts of decisions

This week has had its tough lessons on decisions. We make decisions every day. And if you have a Christian background, you must agree that decision making is a God given privilege. And from the real world, a person who makes a decision is better than a person who remains undecided. But have we ever reflected on how decisions affect things and people around us. 

Perhaps we may want to broadly classify them into two, personal and impersonal. Deciding on a days activity, what to wear, what to talk about, whom to associate with may be personal. But even these personal decisions have a great impact on others. The thought of the impacts of our decisions should compel us to exercise restraint and establish boundaries. Call me a coward but this week has taught me not to rush into making decisions. It has also reminded me to reflect on the impacts before passing judgement. 

Because what purpose will my decisions serve if they destroyed lives of other people. What honour will I have if the solutions provided by a decision I make inflicts pain on another party. Restraint is all that needs to guide us all. We make this world a better place if we thought twice before deciding.

Ending September

If you live in my world you will know that this is the most demanding week. Month deliverables and progress reports. Hectic. This is where your shoulders feel all the weight of hardwork. Hard earned cash. I used to fear end months but I now know how important it is to embrace them.

They make us reflect and point our strengths. They reaffirm our commitment to do better everyday. So this week is filled with a lot of objective reflection of what we managed to do and what we must do to change things around.

Have a beautiful week friends.

– Ngari

Unique Sunday 

I woke up hoping to work on my project now that it’s a weekend but it wouldn’t happen. Power outage won’t even let me blog. So for an indoor guy like me I think I will sleep all day.

Anyone who has a better idea on how to spend a disoriented Sunday like this one?


A sigh of relief is all that I have as the week ends. It has been hectic with lots of challenges. Sometimes working for an organized institution can be dramatic, and the demands posed by performance expectations equally mind blowing. So when days go by and the week ends, one knows that there is a power that is supernatural incharge of holding everyone together.

So I owe this person who has brought me to the end of the week everything. He has brought friends closer to lead me to the right direction. And this week I appreciate each one of my friends including the ones on social media that I have never met physically. You play an integral role of bringing sanity within me.

As I close my eyes to rest, I want to wish each one a beautiful weekend and pray to the one who has supernatural powers to hold each one of you together.

Change starts with me

Most of the time I care to pull others to change, I end up getting disappointed. I have tried to understand why people won’t change when pushed and realised it’s me who needs to change. The perspective of change is diverse and complex but when I see the light and turn around towards it people around may be inclined to ride in the same beam of light. Its easier to influence people to follow your ideas when you practise those ideas.

People may have faith in an idea even before seeing the outcome of the idea but a bigger percentage of people would prefer to see the results fast before making the U-turn.

So how about I practise everything that I believe in and influence others to fall in. I hope I will get a few that will have faith in the ideas even before the outcome

Disco ‘Matanga’

I didn’t think the name can be that popular until I heard it on television in a local program. My concern has grown from its popularity to its effect to the socities progress. One is wondering what is disco fused with matanga? I seriously need someone to help me describe this. ‘Matanga’ is the period of mourning the death of a loved one in Swahili.

The period varies between different communities in the African society. But my observation with the Kenyan Coastal communities is that this period is elongated. First there is the preparation period-some days before the burial, then some days after. All that period in my community qualifies to be called ‘matanga’. A week ordinarily. 

We should mourn the dead and pay our respect to them but when these sorrowful ceremonies are fused with late night discos, they can be detrimental. The powerful public address systems used are loud and the sound causes rural dwellers sleepless nights. Should NEMA come in to regulate the noise?

I would understand if the ‘matanga’ is not prolonged or it was done without the disco. Discos are crowd pullers and innocent children and teens find themselves attracted to them. Teens spend their night’s in Disco Matangas from Monday to Monday. We expect them to get basic education and academic excellence but that won’t happen with this disruption. For the few children whose parents are strict and wouldn’t let them out at night are disturbed by the noisy environment. They can’t finish their homework and can’t rest well. What kind of a generation are we bringing up?

Blame it on the child who sneaks from home at night to join other friends to dance, get high and defile himself/herself at a disco matanga but my blame goes straight to the community. The child is a victim here. He didn’t ask for a free noisy late night disco matanga. He can neither sleep in a noisy environment neither can he complete his homework and revise for exams. The disco matangas are everywhere and loud music is streaming from all corners the student has several choices to settle on.

Who finances these disco matangas? Who allows them to be played for weeks in a single event? These are the people to hold accountable. Shut down the music. Eliminate the noise that spoils our future generation. 


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